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Behind The Scenes: Summer Photoshoots

Behind The Scenes: Summer Photoshoots

Photo: Tristan Manzi
Jacqueline City Apparel was been quite busy the past few weeks. With Spring already here and Summer quickly following suit, there is much going on around the City. I’ve been marketing the Spring line while preparing our Summer line. I spent 4 days doing summer shoots on the beach as well as various places around Atlantic City, New Jersey. With locations from pool sides and palm trees to sandy beaches and ocean waves, summer is truly captured in this line and these photos. I have already finished a flat lay photoshoot and have numerous other shoots lined up this month! I am very excited and looking forward to showing you this new line.
Make sure you stock up on our Spring Manic Pixie Collection! Summer will be here before you know it and Manic Pixie will be gone forever. Can you guess what the theme of our new summer collection will be? You will find out soon enough! Stay posted and sign up for emails at the bottom of our site. Check out these behind the scenes and follow all our social media accounts for real time updates and behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes:

Look forward to these photos and more by: Veronica Takes Photos

Jacqueline City's Summer Collection:

Coming May 2019


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