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Jacqueline City, CEO and founder of Jacqueline City Apparel, is available for press features and interview requests.
For inquiries, please email her publicist:


Cover of Metro Philly featuring Jacqueline City 


Global Vegan Awards: Best Vegan Clothing Fashion Brand 2022

Marquis Who's Who in America Honors Jacqueline City for 2021-2022

Metro "Philly's Best" - Fashion & Clothing: Women's Fashion Store 2021




NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: The After Midnight Collection F/W2021

PHILLY STREETS: The Authentic Collection, S/S2021 

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: The Lovers Collection. S/S2020


NBC 10's Philly Live: March 4, 2021 LIVE on Air "Philadelphia Fashion Designer Celebrates Self, Inclusivity With Latest Showcase" 

NBC 10's Philly Live: September 18, 2020 LIVE on Air "Philly Area Fashion Designer Thriving After Battling Disability" 




Bustle: October 20, 2023 "8 EvoluSHEIN Styles For Feeling As Good As You Look"

Daily Mail: October 28, 2022: "Style Swoon: From a designer grand opening ... a roundup of the week's most fashionable celebrations"

E! News: February 16, 2021 "Sister TikTok Duo Sarah and Emily Celebrate Down Syndrome Representation by Modeling During NYFW"

Metro Philly: December 11, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Best of Philly"

South Philly Review: September 29, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Showcasing fashion in the Big Apple"

South Philly Review: June 7, 2021 Newspaper Issue "South Philly fashion designer raises money for brain cancer research"

Metro Philly: April 26, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Philly Power Women" 

Hartford Courant: April 10, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Designer Aiming High for Paris Fashion Week"

Your Sun (Venice, FL): April 2, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Jacqueline City with Fashions"

The Inquirer: March 28, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Headed to Paris"

Daily News: March 24, 2021 Newspaper Issue: "S. Philly fashion designer always a little extra"

South Philly Review: March 2-9, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Showcasing Their Authentic Selves" (COVER)

Metro Philly: February 28, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Jacqueline City: “The Authentic collection captures the heart of Philly” (PARTIAL COVER)

Philadelphia Weekly: February 25-March 3, 2021 Newspaper Issue "Designing Woman: Follow Up" 

Northeast Times: August 27, 2020 Newspaper Issue "Fashion Statement: Jacqueline City"

South Philly Review: August 24-30, 2020 Newspaper Issue "Fashion Statement: Disabled fashion designer uses platform to promote inclusivity" (COVER)

Metro Philly: August 17, 2020 Newspaper Issue "Fashion For All" (COVER)

Philadelphia Weekly: August 6-13, 2020 Newspaper Issue "Designing Woman"




Bella Magazine: October 2022 "SHEIN X Klarna Wonderland Fashion Experience Welcomes Celebs, Influencers + Performance By Diplo"

Seventeen Magazine: February 2022 "TikTok Stars Represent the Disabled Community in Powerful Walk at New York Fashion Week"

34th Street Magazine: October 2021 "Jacqueline City Went From Northeast Philly to New York Fashion Week"

Weekly Style Magazine: September 2021 "NYFW Trends: Jacqueline City

Fashzilla Magazine: September 2021 "Design World: Jacqueline City NYFW 2021" (PARTIAL COVER)

Fashzilla Magazine: July 2021 "Design World: Jacqueline City 2021 Collection: AUTHENTIC" (PARTIAL COVER)

Harper's Bazaar (UK): June 2021 "Summer Style: Jacqueline City Apparel" 

Salt Fashion Magazine: February 2021 "Meet Jacqueline City: The Resilient CEO of Fashion Brand Jacqueline City Apparel" 

This Bitch Magazine: January 2021 "Issue 12: Jacqueline City, CEO of Jacqueline City Apparel" 

Glamour Magazine (UK): December 2020 "Wardrobe Wishlist: Jacqueline City Apparel"

Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK): November 2020 "Essentials Edit: Jacqueline City"

Uploader Magazine: October 2020 "Fashion Designer: Jacqueline City" (COVER)

British Vogue: August-October 2020 "Designer Spotlight: Jacqueline City Apparel

Defiant Ones Magazine: September 2020 "23 Year Old Disabled Fashion Designer, Jacqueline City

Lush Magazine: September 2020 "Spotlight: Jacqueline City

Fashzilla Magazine: Debut Issue September 2020 "Jacqueline City, NYFW Ones To Watch" (COVER)

DREAMY Magazine: Issue 174 "Meet Jacqueline City"

Dosage Magazine: Third Quarter "A Traumatic Brain Injury... Jacqueline City..." 

DREAMY Magazine: Issue 113 "LOVERS: Editorials"


 Jacqueline City in Vogue




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Vice: i-D: "The New Sobriety, Why Straight Edge is Back"



To contact Jacqueline City directly, email all press or business inquiries to: