Meet Jacqueline City | Disabled CEO, Model, Actress + Fashion Designer


Jacqueline City is a 24 year old model, actress, fashion designer and entrepreneur - currently focusing on her fashion brand Jacqueline City Apparel.


Jacqueline pours her heart and soul into the brand and really immerses herself into all aspects of  Jacqueline City Apparel. From designing, sewing and painting items to modeling her clothes for the ads and website she runs herself, City does it all. Jacqueline even finds time to include handwritten thank you letters in many of the orders to connect with her customers - whom she calls citizens.


Jacqueline City is proud to be a disabled girl boss and focus her time into her brand. Jacqueline suffers from dysautonomia and POTS as well as chronic pain, heart disease and PTSD. City's disability left her bedridden for some time and forced her to lose 50 pounds. Now she chooses to turn her pain into art to inspire others dealing with invisible illness and mental health struggles, even doing public speaking engagements. Also passionate about animals, Jacqueline takes pride in the fact her brand, Jacqueline City Apparel, is 100% vegan. City also finds it's important to offer unisex and plus size pieces so everyone can feel included as a member of Jacqueline City.


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Jacqueline City
PO BOX #20013
Philadelphia PA 19145


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Twitter: @JacquelineCity
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